What Simple Steps Can Help Your Business?



success by bravery

At Some Point You Have To Take The Plunge…

  • Firstly take stock of how big your market is. How many clients are there potentially in your catchment, use free and simple to use tools to estimate the total audience.
  • Secondly work out how much of that potential cake you have now and how much more you could take on with the spare capacity you have. If you are already at capacity calculate what you need to invest in (people machinery etc) to get a larger share of the market.
  • Thirdly be honest with yourself. What are you doing now that you could be doing better? Does your business look and feel the part? If you find some weaknesses that can fairly easily be addressed then make the changes within a 1 month deadline.
  • If there is capacity in your business (or the desire to expand it) and there is more market share to be won then take the plunge and get your message in the places where your audience frequent.
  • If you don`t see any potential growth realistically – perhaps get some external help to see if you have missed anything and / or if you are profitable maybe it is time to either sell and move on or diversify.